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Key Initiatives
Revive, Sustain, and Energize ABLE
Revive: Looking to build a “new” ABLE.
Sustain: Build on past success and progress of organization.
Energize: Engage past & present members of ABLE and every member of the African American Community in Alcatel-Lucent.

  • Although all of our six strategic thrusts continue to be important to ABLE, we will focus our attention on the following as a way to "Revive, Sustain, and Energize ABLE" over the short term:
    • Membership – Retain and increase the ABLE membership.
      • Encourage past & current members to renew, and non-members to get engaged
      • Bylaws amendments to include the restructure of the "new" ABLE
    • Professional Development/NPDC – Provide opportunities for members to expand and enrich their skills, experiences, network and potential.
      • Consolidated toolkit.
      • Refocus on ‘Power of One’
      • Local & regional conferences
    • Economic Development - Provide opportunities for members to learn more about their personal economic development.
    • IT & Communications
      • On-line member registration
      • On-line voting
  • Others Initiatives planned for 2004
    • ABLE restructure
    • Bylaws ratification

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